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For The Love of The Family

Newborn Massage


The Gift of Gentle Massage for Your Newborn

Baby Eva

Touch is one of the most important gifts and healing remedies we can give or receive.

Birth is a chance for two human beings to begin a closeness that will last a lifetime.  A special way to show your baby that he or she is loved, safe and understood is by massage.  Massage can lay the foundation for a lifetime of self esteem and good communication between the two of you.

A Four (4) week Program Available at York Central Hospital, Richmond Hill, Ontario for Babies 2 weeks - 12 weeks of Age
Contact Me directly for Details or York Central Hospital
@ (905) 417-6149

Newborn Massage Session Includes:
  • Benefits of massage
  • When not to massage
  • Getting Started
  • Crying and ways to calm baby
  • Instruction on massage strokes
  • Adjustments for an older baby
  • Lending library also available


Benifits of Massage:
  • Feedings are digested better, which may help baby gain weight easier and grow at a faster pace
  • Stimulating the nervous system through the skin may help build muscle tone, coordination and brain functioning
  • Baby receives special attention from you, which helps you grow closer to each other
  • Circulation is improved, which may speed healing of birth-related trauma
  • Massage has a calming effect which leads to deeper, more restful sleep
  • The immune system is stimulated through the skin by atleast five minutes of rubbing daily
  • Aids in joint movement which helps with crawling, standing and walking
  • Cleanses the lymphatic system which helps the infant to stay healthier
  • Relief of congestion