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For The Love of The Family

Doula Services


Services Provided

~ Birth Doula Services ~
Prenatal information package
Lending library
Assistance in researching birth options
Referral and Resources of Community Proffessionals
Review of physical comfort measures in preparation for labor
Physical and emotional support including body massage, aromatherapy, visualization, reassurance, and counter pressure during labour
Informational support throughout labor
Advocacy of parent's wishes/needs
Breastfeeding support
Support/guidance in infant care
Lending library
Nurturing for mom and family
Written birth story
Newborn Massage session
Telephone support 24 hours per day 7 days a week

Experience With Multiples


Who uses Postpartum Doula Services?

First time Mums...
enjoy the doula’s kind gentle assistance, information, and encouragement to become confident, in their own mothering skills.

Experienced Mums... can rest and care for their newborn with peace of mind knowing that the siblings and household are well taken care of.

Women who have had a Cesarean Section... appreciate the personal nurturing a postpartum Doula provides while recovering from surgery.

Women with Multiples (twins, triplets)... enjoy the extra helping hands and organizational assistance.

Those with little or no support system... especially value the loving, motherly help and calming presence of a doula.


~ Postpartum Doula Services ~
Breastfeeding Support
Support/Guidance in infant care
Referral and Resources of Community Proffessionals
Strategies to provide positive parenting skills
Strategies to promote health maintenance and to offer emotional support for the entire family
Lending Library
Nurturing for mom and family
Sibling care and adjustment
Light housekeeping
Meal preparation
Overnight Services